Decom Solar supports Target Corporation on a 803.83 kW decommissioning and reinstallation to accommodate a reroof at their Tyler, Texas Distribution Center.

Decom Solar completed the decommission and reinstallation of an 803.83 kW solar array at Target Corporation’s Tyler, Texas distribution center. Key to the project’s success was our seamless collaboration with multiple construction teams, ensuring minimal disruption to Target’s operations and adherence to the roofing schedule.

The complexity of working in a busy distribution center with significant logistics traffic and a major re-roofing project presented unique challenges. However, through diligent upfront planning, rigorous safety protocols, and effective communication, the project was executed successfully. Daily on-site meetings and weekly conference calls were instrumental in maintaining clear communication and keeping all involved trades on track.

Understanding the distribution center’s operations was crucial in optimizing our construction strategy, particularly in selecting a staging area that minimized on-site disruption. We strategically staged the decommissioned system on the roof, a decision that resulted in significant cost savings.

Working in tandem with Centimark, we closely coordinated our efforts with their roofing schedule, ensuring smooth progress and an efficient, successful completion of the solar array project.

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