Solar and storage repowering has become increasingly popular in recent years, driven mainly by new federal and local incentives, rapid technology advancements, and decreased equipment costs. The main goal of repowering is to enhance underperforming or inoperative existing assets by replacing the old equipment with new, more efficient technology.

Increasing capacity on existing sites can bolster financial returns, alleviate steep operations & maintenance costs, and increase system longevity. Still, comprehensive due diligence should be performed to confirm that this is your system’s proper time and application. When and how to repower an existing asset depends on many factors, such as equipment type and condition, incentive changes, and AHJ code requirements.

Decom Solar works closely with developers and owners to determine the optimal repowering solution for your asset. As a result, Decom Solar can find the right turnkey solution to maximize your long-term results if you are considering a repowering project.