Decom Solar Handles All Aspects of Decommissioning Projects

  • Full removal of solar and storage system equipment offsite 
  • Utility Interconnection Agreement termination 
  • Incentive contract management 
  • Permit and AHJ coordination 
  • Restoration of original site conditions (roof, ground, parking lot)
  • Proper recycling and disposal of equipment per state and federal regulations 
  • Re-purposing of solar equipment through resale or donation

Refurbishment and Resale

Most decommissioned solar arrays have not reached their true end-of-life and were likely removed for other reasons. The market for used equipment in this industry is healthy, and Decom Solar helps customers determine the highest value for their equipment to offset the labor costs associated with the project. Refurbishment and Resale is the most sustainable and cost-effective option when decommissioning a project.


Donating working solar equipment is not only a sustainable decommissioning solution, but also allows communities in need to access clean energy. Decom Solar partners with 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that provide clean electricity to underserved communities. Even a small donation of equipment can help to power a school in Haiti, a clean water pump for an African village, or provide electricity to those stricken by natural disasters.  

In donating material to non-profits, our clients receive all donation certificates, are able to highlight the positive impact that this equipment has, and influence other industry leaders to do the same.


If a solar system is truly at its end of useful life and cannot be repurposed, recycling is the most sustainable option.  Fortunately, many components comprising solar PV equipment (glass, aluminum, copper) are common and easily recycled. Aligned with our mission to keep solar equipment out of landfills, our team works to find the most sustainable recycling solution for each project. Decom Solar only utilizes state-of-the-art SEIA-approved recycling facilities to ensure the maximum amount of material is placed back into the supply chain, resulting in a true circular lifecycle. We provide complete solar panel and storage recycling solutions, including PV modules, all battery technologies, inverters, and BOS materials.  We ensure our clients that all equipment will be properly handled through the entire decommissioning process in compliance with federal and state environmental regulations.

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