Decom Solar partners with PowerFlex, Target, and SOLARCYCLE to Decommission and Recycle a 360-kW rooftop solar array in Los Angeles California

We recently partnered with Target Corporation and PowerFlex, to successfully decommissioned a 360-kW rooftop solar array in Los Angeles, California. This project highlights our expertise in handling large-scale projects and our dedication to advancing environmental responsibility in the solar industry.

Our team tackled the decommissioning of an intricate system, which included legacy Shell Powerlight modules, Xantrax inverters, and a specialized PowerGuard flat racking solution. Working with legacy equipment required a thorough understanding of not only the technical aspects of the project, but also the California environmental regulations. The entire process of dismantling and removing all system equipment was completed within an impressive three-week timeline. Stephen Burns, Co-Founder of Decom Solar, reflects on this achievement: “This project with PowerFlex is a testament to our capabilities in managing and executing large-scale decommissioning projects safely and responsibly.”

Lucie Dupas, Chief Delivery Officer at PowerFlex, praises the collaboration: “We are thrilled to have partnered with Decom Solar on this project. This collaboration brings together our collective expertise and shared commitment to environmental responsibility, allowing us to lead by example in the solar industry. We look forward to many more successful projects and a long-lasting partnership,”

An essential aspect of this project was our collaboration with SOLARCYCLE, a leader in solar recycling. All decommissioned modules were transported to SOLARCYCLE’s advanced recycling facility in Odessa, Texas. There, the panels were processed, recycled, and reintegrated into the supply chain, highlighting the viability of a sustainable circular economy in solar energy. Jesse Simons, Chief Commercial Officer of SOLARCYCLE, notes, “Decom Solar’s commitment to a greener future compliments SOLARCYCLE’S mission of making solar even more sustainable. Commercial stores not only hold huge potential to generate renewable energy, but they can also help our country build a solar circular economy through recycling commitments. We look forward to future projects with Decom’s team.”

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