Decom Solar Collaborates with SOLARCYCLE for Sustainable Recycling of End-Of-Life Solar Modules for PowerFlex and Target

Los Angeles, CA (May 30, 2023) – Decom Solar, LLC, an industry leader in solar decommissioning services, has successfully completed the decommissioning of a 360-kW rooftop solar array in Los Angeles, California for Target Corporation, a general merchandise retailer with stores in all 50 U.S. states, and PowerFlex, a national provider of onsite sustainable energy solutions who is installing a new solar project at the location. The previous system consisted of legacy Shell Powerlight modules, Xantrax inverters, and an integrated PowerGuard flat racking solution. The entire project, including the removal of all system equipment, was completed within three weeks.

Stephen Burns, Co-Founder of Decom Solar says, “PowerFlex continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, and this is one of many projects we have worked on together to decommission projects safely and responsibly. This is an important step in reducing our environmental impact and creating a more sustainable future for all.”

PowerFlex, who managed the decommissioning project, will be adding a new state-of-the-art system later this year. “We are thrilled to have partnered with Decom Solar on this project. This collaboration brings together our collective expertise and shared commitment to environmental responsibility, allowing us to lead by example in the solar industry. We look forward to many more successful projects and a long-lasting partnership,” said Lucie Dupas, Chief Delivery Officer at PowerFlex.

Decom Solar proudly teamed up with SOLARCYCLE, a tech-driven recycling company focused on producing sustainable and domestic materials at scale for the solar industry. Jesse Simons, Chief Commercial Officer of SOLARCYCLE said, “Decom Solar’s commitment to a greener future compliments SOLARCYCLE’S mission of making solar even more sustainable. Commercial stores not only hold huge potential to generate renewable energy, but they can also help our country build a solar circular economy through recycling commitments. We look forward to future projects with Decom’s team and partners.” All modules from the project have been transported to SOLARCYCLE’s advanced recycling facility in Odessa, Texas, where the panels are processed, recycled, and reintegrated into the supply chain.

To further their commitment to the planet, Decom Solar partnered with One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation. For this project, Decom Solar donated 4,795 trees to be planted on behalf of PowerFlex and Target.

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About Decom Solar


Decom Solar is a client focused organization that provides nationwide turnkey solar decommissioning services for commercial, industrial, and utility scale asset owners and developers. Their expertise in solar construction and engineering allows them to provide unique solutions for their customers including full decommissioning, de-installation/re-installation, and repowering services. They guarantee that all solar equipment they work with will be properly redeployed, reinstalled, or recycled so that end-of-life solar projects do not negatively impact our planet.

About PowerFlex


PowerFlex, an EDF Renewables affiliate, is a leading national provider of intelligent onsite energy solutions that support carbon-free electrification and transportation. The Company delivers integrated solar, storage, EV charging, and microgrid systems to businesses and organizations. As a single full-service provider, PowerFlex customizes clean technology solutions to help clients achieve their energy and sustainability goals. Through the comprehensive PowerFlex X platform, PowerFlex leverages patented smart software to control, monitor, and optimize a client’s distributed energy resources to reduce cost and maximize return on investment.



SOLARCYCLE is a technology-driven platform designed to maximize solar sustainability by offering solar asset owners a low-cost, eco-friendly, comprehensive process for recycling retiring solar panels and technologies and repurposing them for new uses. The company’s proprietary technology allows it to extract 95% of a solar panel’s valuable materials, such as silver, silicon, copper and aluminum, and to recycle or repurpose panels currently in use. Experts in solar technology, recycling and sustainability founded SOLARCYCLE in 2022 to accelerate the circular economy for solar and renewables.