Decom Solar decommissions and repurposes a 1,614kW solar array for Lineage Logistics

Decom Solar recently completed the decommissioning of a 1,614 kW solar array for Lineage Logistics in Baltimore, Maryland. This extensive system, comprising 5,968 modules and a mix of legacy SunLink and Unirac racking components, featured both Satcon central inverters and SolarEdge string inverters. This essential decommissioning paves the way for a new, state-of-the-art solar installation atop the Lineage Logistics facility.

A key aspect of this project was Decom Solar’s ability to find buyers for the used solar modules and inverters. This allowed them to significantly offset project costs and keep all working equipment in operation.

Executing this project in the Northeast during winter presented unique challenges. Our dedicated crews worked diligently through the winter conditions to ensure timely completion, aligning with Lineage Logistics’ spring re-roofing schedule. The project’s complexity was heightened by multiple interconnection points, ammonia pipes, a multi-level building structure, and heavy semi-truck traffic, all demanding unwavering attention to safety and constant communication.