There are many solutions to consider when you are in need of solar decommissioning. Decom Solar’s experienced team provides turnkey solutions, walking you through all available options, and making a determination as to what best suits your needs.

Termination of incentive or PPA contract

Roof replacement required

Opportunistic Re-powering

Force majeure events

Systems reaching end of useful life

Reduction of onsite load profile / consumption

Depending on the reason for decommissioning an existing solar system, there are many solutions that can be considered. Decom Solar’s experienced team provides a turnkey service and will walk you through the appropriate options for your specific project. We handle every aspect of a decommissioning project, such as:

Utility Interconnection Agreement termination

Incentive contract management

Permit and AHJ Coordination

Full removal of solar system equipment offsite

Restoration of original site conditions (roof, ground, parking lot)

Recycling and Disposal per state and federal regulations

Re-purposing of solar equipment through resale or donation 

Roofs can age faster than solar systems and often times re-roofing is the best solution. Decom Solar offers removal and reinstall services and works closely with roofers to coordinate safely and efficiently

Handling solar equipment is a delicate and deliberate process and improper handling can lead to damages.  Decom Solar’s thorough R&R process ensures that your system will work just as efficiently as before it removed.

Pre-Removal Site visit to assess and record existing conditions

Schedule Coordination with Roofer

Solar System Removal

Solar System Storage during re-roofing process


Inspection and Commissioning 

At Decom Solar, we strongly prefer to repurpose existing solar equipment wherever possible. Repurposing useful systems is not only ethically optimal but is economically optimal as well. There is a nascent after-market for solar equipment that is just beginning to emerge and is expected to grow significantly as the global installed base grows and ages. Our team will assess the quality and usefulness of existing solar systems to determine if they are able to be safely repurposed.

Donation and Non-Profit Partnerships

Decom Solar is proud to partner with multiple non-profit organizations in the U.S. and internationally to find a home for working solar equipment for communities in need.

If a solar system is at its end of useful life and cannot be re-purposed due to quality or regulation concerns, recycling is the most sustainable option for proper retiring of modules. Fortunately, much of the components comprising solar equipment (glass, aluminum, copper) are common and easy to recycle.

Decom Solar has a proven sustainable approach to solar panel recycling allowing for salvage of usable components while complying with all federal and state environmental regulations related to solar system disposal.  We ensure our clients that all equipment will be properly handled throughout the entire decommissioning process