Our Story

After managing the installation and design of over 400 MWs of solar throughout the nation, Decom Solar recognized the immediate need for the proper decommissioning, disposal, and reuse of installed solar equipment. With over 20 years of experience in solar deployment, we understand the challenges that finance partners, developers, system owners, building owners, tenants and construction teams face when solar assets reach end of life.  Our moral obligation to guarantee that the sustainability strides made by the solar industry are not erased through destructive scrapping of material led to the formation of Decom Solar.


We strive to lead the solar industry in eliminating PV’s negative environmental impact.

Decom Solar is a client focused organization that seeks to make the headache of dealing with expired equipment effortless for our clients. We offer turnkey solar decommissioning and recommissioning services, from site assessment, permitting, incentive management, coordination, through deconstruction and sustainable disposal.  By leveraging established relationships with local labor, logistics companies, recyclers, resellers and nonprofits, Decom Solar guarantees that all solar waste will be properly redeployed, reinstalled or recycled so that everyone with a vested interest in a solar project can positively impact our planet.

Allow Decom Solar to Handle Your Decommissioning Needs.