Popular Questions

No two projects are the same. We tailor our services and teams to meet your project goals and budget, providing the highest level of service in the most efficient manner.

We provide services everywhere in the continental U.S.

We can provide a quote with as-built construction drawings and final racking drawings. If it is necessary, a site visit will be conducted to finalize pricing.

There are a number of reasons that someone may be looking to decommission a solar array.  Whether it be that the system is no longer operating, the building is being sold, a re-roof is needed or there is simply a desire to upgrade equipment, Decom Solar can help.

We have developed relationships with SEIA approved recyclers, non-profit organizations, and logistics companies to guarantee that all materials and equipment are properly recycled or reused.  Upon completion a certificate of sale or recycling will be provided as proof of proper handling.

The average decommissioning takes 2-4 weeks dependent upon accessibility, system size, and equipment specifications.

We aim to minimize any disruptions to your day to day business, but site specific details will determine our impact on the ground.  As you can imagine, we will need some area on the ground to properly get material off of the roof and palletized for shipping. Additionally, depending on the existing interconnection, an electrical shutdown may be required, however we can generally locate an electrical demarcation point to avoid this requirement.

We can remove any amount of equipment requested and our engineers will work with you to provide the best option for your business.  In many instances, leaving switchgear or a main disconnect can be of future value to a business.

Decom Solar specializes in decommissioning only, however through our years in the solar industry we will happily make introductions to potential installers, should there be an interest in installing a new solar array.  If you are reinstalling the existing solar array, Decom Solar can take care of everything.

The type of attachment will dictate the method for removal.  We can cover any scope needed to allow for re-roofing or sale of the building, whether that be full removal of attachments or leaving adhered membrane.